Client Love

Testimonials from amazing individuals I’ve had the pleasure of co-creating with.

It’s a bit of a challenge for me to really put into words the enlightenment and gifts I’ve received or unlocked through my engagements with Lora. You almost have to experience her magic to understand it’s gravity. She is truly nothing short of spectacular! Lora has helped guide me to release things or ideas I’ve been oppressed by for years. She has helped me understand and believe in the power I have inside me. And it always feels effortless, even if the relief is an ugly cry it just all feels like love. Lora is a priceless mentor and I am so grateful for all of her gifts she has graciously shared with me. 

Sarah K. Hauula, HI

I was suffering from anxiety, self-doubt, self-hate, caring for others first and myself last and coming off of a very intense 2 year period of illness, both myself and my father until he passed away in the fall of 2017. Including managing his estate and selling my childhood home and cleaning out its contents. All of this on top of dealing with difficult siblings and managing my own grief. 

After working with Lora, I am finally able to let  go of old patterns and old habits and getting in touch with my deeper self, my gut, my intuition, my worth and my place on this earth. I’m less stressed, sleep better and I have let go of negative thoughts attacking my self worth. I have confided about my journey to a few close friends who have all noted a lightness to my being that was absent. I so look forward to continuing this journey I have begun with Lora as my mentor and I am so grateful every day that she was placed in my path. She continues to be a cheerleader as I make my way to my best self. It is never too late!!!

Jodi S. Studio City, CA


When I first met Lora I was not in a good place. I had a job that from the outside looked pretty good, but from the inside was causing a lot of stress and turmoil in my life. I was in a terrible relationship with someone that was going nowhere, and I had an allover sense of uneasiness. I knew that I needed to make some changes, but I didn’t know how or if I had the courage to do so. What would things be like after? How would I pay my bills? Would I ever meet anybody? I had all of these questions and a fear of the unknown. It wasn’t until I started working with Lora that I really realized that my energy and true potential was being blocked. Lora opened me up to a totally different way of thinking. I realized that I needed to cut these anchors out of my life. First – the job. It was definitely scary, but ended up being one of the best decision I’ve ever made. Not long after I quit, I started working my dream job and not only coming home happy but also with more money in my pocket. Once I saw how much better my life was after I made that change, I had the courage to cut my other anchor. I left my relationship that I was in for a year, and not long after that I met the absolute man of my dreams. It was night and day. Everything happened so quick, and as I started shedding these layers of things that did not serve me anymore I started to see how quickly the universe began to bless me. After this I was hooked. What else am I capable of?  What else is out there for me? How can I reach my highest vibration? There was a whole world of knowledge I that was just tapping into. I wanted to work with Lora more. After my first one-on-one session I felt euphoric. She was so easy to talk to and non-judgmental. I felt like I was safe and I could trust her. We had uncovered some deep rooted trauma and released a lot of negative energy that I had been carrying around unknowingly. I felt a huge release as though I had this great weight lifted off of my shoulders. My whole body felt as though it was buzzing, and I felt this overwhelming sensation of love that I cant really explain. I felt as though I was awakening and this was only after one session. If you are ready for change and open to receive the blessing of what this beautiful universe has to offer, I strongly recommend working with Lora. My experience with her has been life changing and am truly grateful to have crossed paths with such a talented and awakened individual.

Julia S. Honolulu, HI

Lora is an exceptional coach. She honed in immediately on exactly what needed to be cleared in my energy and it was effortless – I didn’t even realize it was happening at first! We were just laughing and chatting, then I realized my energy was changing, re-calibrating. Not only did she have excellent recommendations and actions steps that I could implement immediately, but I felt clear and light right after our call, like I’d just happily healed to a new level.

I have worked with many healers where it feels heavy to clear the energy and requires a lot of input and energy on my part, often including tears and traumatic memories. This was nothing like that. It was fun, light, and refreshing yet incredibly effective. 

I feel amazing, like I’ve come back home to myself. Thank you, Lora!

-Laura J Novak, M.Ed Cleveland, OH:  Author, Leading Joy Activator, Inter-Realm Connector, and Empath Empowerment Coach

Lora’s light is a beacon. In my darkest hour, she was able to bring levity and insight within minutes, much less in what she can achieve over time. Throughout my life I have sought out the help and guidance of many spiritual and energy healers, and never to the success I have achieved with Lora in even a short time. She is a guiding force and I could not recommend working with her more.

Ayshe D. Kailua, HI.

Lora was one of our facilitators for Just Breathe Retreats here on Oahu near the beautiful mountains and ocean of the north shore. Lora created a perfect space for each attendee and was committed to helping in personal growth and positive experiences throughout her workshop. Lora helped each quest in awakening the light within, she has a gift in connecting with people to help them be their true self. Thank you Lora for the light that you are.

– Nicola Pere Laie, HI Founder Just Breathe Retreats