There is a great spiritual power that flows through the Universe, Hawaiian’s refer to this power as Mana. In the spirit of Hawai’i Nei, the sacred Mana invites you to transcend the realm of the ordinary and gain a new perspective. This provides you with opportunities and possibilities that allow your mana to flow. As mana flows, consciousness expands.

Are you ready to explore your spiritual path or relationships, clarify goals, and manifest dreams? Breathe in ‘Aloha ‘aina and select the Hawaiian Mana Session. Get ready to possess great Mana! When that happens your mind, body, and spirit will radiate health and wholeness.



bird flying in sky

Expand your awareness and open your perception to a more direct and personal experience with your soul. Codes of light are downloaded that awaken and encourage soul connection. This session will help you receive and ground soul transmissions that will open your heart to possibilities and limitless wonder. Using sacred geometry, color, and sound vibrations to relay enlightening information we will create a gateway that once stepped through, you awaken, create new pathways, and form a stronger connection to your soul and the light of the Universe. 

Are you ready to move to the next chapter of your life, even if you don’t know what that is? Would you like to experience lasting change that comes easily, gain information about your path, heal whatever holds you back from dreams, and best steps to take based on what you desire in life all at the speed of light?

The Soul Transmission Session is for you. Working with light will inspire greater confidence in your inner voice, enhance intuition while providing messages and obtaining processes that heal the separation from your souls wisdom and love.




Wondering how to fulfill your Dharma (life purpose)? To be fully aligned with your purpose and experience kriya (effortless flow)? Get ready to explore all the various layers of yourself. We will tap into the Doshas, deities, chakras, and koshas to realign your soul. Infused with the wisdom of the Vedas, the Transcendent Journey session will give you insight into the present and guidance for the future.

If you’re ready to expand your consciousness, connect to your inner wisdom, and open a deeper knowing of self, then chose the Transcendent Journey Session and enjoy your path to enlightenment.


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