12 Week Program

If you find yourself at an impasse in your life, feel stuck and need help moving forward, or change is happening all around and you’re having trouble processing, you don’t have to go through it alone. Together we can reframe reality and rapidly manifest your 1StellarLife.

Love, career, family, health, money, and more. You always have the opportunity to experience life and yourself differently. I can show you how. Giving you tools for your toolbox of life. How to transmute yourself on a cellular level, unravel the chaos, positive psychology, and correct actions to bring you closer to your goals. I receive immense joy from empowering people to become the greatest versions of themselves. When that happens, we collectively elevate our planet all experiencing 1Stellarlife.

12 weeks to rapidly evolve into the stellar version of yourself… as you release desperation, clear karmic suffering and embody your sacred power.


You don’t have to hit rock bottom to change your reality.

Why wait till you’re on the ground in the fetal position? 

It’s time for you to get the support you need to fully become yourself – empowered, lit up and fully connected to your  truth instead of grinding along in pain, fear, past trauma and anxiety.

Are you ready to experience the awesome life you deserve? 

Isn’t it time to transcend the barriers of unworthiness and feel joy and bliss?

Wouldn’t it be great to smash through the self-sabotage and become the confident, self-assured you?

Give yourself permission to say YES!   Together we can create all this and more. 

Don’t wait for the breakthrough, today we can begin to KonMari {as in clear and clean up your shizz to create a clear pathway} your consciousness and bypass the BS to create the reality  your heart desires.

Broke, depressed, and anxiety ridden, I was just dragging myself through single parent life. Merely surviving from day to day. 

The  constant grind of work, bills, childcare, and facing an empty, lonely bed night after night just drove me deeper into desperation.

I knew there had to be more to life, but I was spinning in circles trying to find it…until I experienced a massive awakening to my own power and began to rapidly change my life, one manifestation at a time.

Even though I had denied my highly intuitive abilities, as well as my friendship with all of the ‘clairs’ (our 8 spiritual psychic senses) for years and was terrified of being found out for making magic and miracles happen in my life. 

My awakening came as I took four months to recover from a near death experience and bilateral pulmonary embolism where my mystic sage and spiritual alchemist gifts were deeply affirmed and activated. My entire life began to radically change when I stepped into the truth of this revelation.

The good news? 

You don’t have to wait around for death defying event like this.


“Lora is an exceptional coach. Not only did she have excellent recommendations and actions steps that I could implement immediately, but I felt clear and light right after our call, like I’d just happily healed to a new level. It was fun, light, and refreshing yet incredibly effective.”

-Laura J Novak, M.Ed Cleveland, OH:  Author, Leading Joy Activator, Inter-Realm Connector, and Empath Empowerment Coach

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  • You release the self-loathing and embrace your magnificence.
  • Stress, anxiety, and adrenal fatigue are replaced with vibrant energy and vitality.
  • You no longer feeling like life is an endless routine to endure but begin waking up excited for your day.
  • You shift from constantly sabotaging yourself to manifest and create what you desire at rapid speed.
  • Bypass all the BS and dissolve your desperation.
  • Ditch working the soul-sucking job and live a life of freedom and passion.
  • Go from feeling there’s no point to it all, to being confident in your worth and place on this earth.
  • You’re no longer stuck in a life transition but have clarity for the right actions to take next.
  • Pivot from having a fear of the unknown to courage to experience your greatest potential.
  • Pain in your body is vanquished.
  • You quit hiding behind the mask of niceties and expectations of others and live from empowerment and truth to end burn out and overwhelm. If you want to live from a nourished place instead of being a wigged out mess, this is for you. 
  • You’ll dispel old patterns and habits of self doubt and hate to claim the gloriousness of your being.


  • 12 x 50 min weekly live 1 on 1 calls via facetime/zoom 
  • 12 x 50 min distance Cellular Energy Clearing 
  • 1 x weekly Psychic Soul Oracle Card reading  
  • Messenger support up to 15 mins per week  
  • Primordial Sound Meditation, the personal mantra you receive is the sound that the universe was making at the time and place of your birth
  • Pineal Gland Activation Exercise
  • Chakra Balancing Technique
  • Discovering Desires Process