What Do You Call Medicine?

Sep 29, 2019
herbal medicines

One trend that keeps showing up lately is the use of the word “medicine”. Seems like nowadays everyone is using, taking, or creating new forms of medicine. What do we all need it for? When did everyone become so sick? Why are we calling everything medicine, ie. nature, plants, animals? What is your first thought when you hear the word “medicine”? Does it evoke a heavy or light feeling within your body?

Recalling Illness

Thinking back to my childhood was the first time I had heard the word “medicine”. My mom spoke it to me one fateful morning while I was lying in my bed and told me that I needed some because I was sick. I remember thinking that my body didn't feel right and the way she spoke those words sounded as if taking this “medicine” was going to make me feel better again. The way she emphasized that word though, it sounded so daunting and felt so heavy. Insert dramatic music here. But it must be something good for me since Mom knows best.

After making that statement, she left my room and came back with a few bottles, a jar, spoons, box of tissues, a big pot, and this machine that, once plugged into the wall, blew hot steam on my face. She then proceeded to pour this thick blood red liquid onto the spoon and put the spoon in my mouth. To date that was the most disgusting thing I had ever tasted. This vile liquid she gave me was so thick that it coated the inside of my mouth, my tongue, and throat. I gagged. She then told me that I should enjoy it because it’s cherry flavored. This tasted nothing like any cherries I ever had. She then took two white pills, put them on the spoon along with some sugar, placed another spoon on top of it and smashed them together. I was horrified as she told me to open up and proceeded to put this chalky concoction into my mouth. “Swallow,” she said. “How?”, I thought.

My mouth was still coated with that repulsive cherry syrup and now she’s given me a giant spoonful of something that has the texture of dust and sand. It has completely stuck to the inside of my mouth and throat. There’s no saliva being produced. If I breathe through my mouth I might choke on this sticky dirt substance she has forced upon me. I shut my lips, hoping that if my mouth can ever water again this “medicine” will somehow dissolve, as I breathe through my nose.

The so called “medicine” experience continues as she then reaches for a blue jar. Laying in bed, I glance back and forth from her to the jar. She then proceeds to lift my nightgown and rub this thick, greasy, salve onto my chest and back. I try unsuccessfully to hold my breath because every time I inhale my eyes begin to water and sting. Not only that but it feels as if all of the hairs in my nostrils are burning off. She pulls my nightgown back down, which, because of the ointment, is now uncomfortably stuck to my body. She smiles and tells me that this “medicine” will make me feel better as she leaves my room. At this point I am left laying in a sticky nightgown, my nose is dripping from breathing in these searing vapors, I have hot steam blowing on my burning eyes, and I am unable to swallow. I began to question my mother’s love for me as well as how was this “medicine” going to make me feel better when it was clearly having the opposite effect.

That being said, here’s the definition of medicine from Oxford, Merriam-Webster, and Cambridge. Essentially, they all define medicine as: a substance or preparation used in treating disease. This being the definition of medicine, what kind of vibration is that word holding? What meaning is your subconscious giving it? Even if you are choosing to use “good medicine” do you actually believe it? Those two words together seem to be a contradiction. It appears as though we’ve been giving the disease more energy, thought, and power rather than the healing, feeling, or outcome that we truly desire.

Divine Diagnosis

What if we started using higher vibe terms? If we all began focusing our energy in a more positive direction, placing our attention on to that would not only change our lives but the lives of those around us as well as the planet.

  • Medicine = HEALING
  • Plant medicine = PLANT VITALITY
  • Nature medicine = NATURE THERAPY
  • Animal medicine = ANIMAL SYNERGY

Imagine how a simple altering of your vocabulary will allow you to Reframe Reality, experience Magical Manifestations, and Side-Step Your Subconscious.

1StellarLife Support

What are some high vibe words you can incorporate to bring about more healing? Be sure to comment below.  

If you’d like to learn more about Reframing Reality, Magical Manifestations, and Side-Stepping Your Subconscious then book a free clarity call now and let’s talk about how I can support you on the ascension of your 1StellarLife!

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