Seeing an Auspicious Omen

Dec 06, 2019
black witch moth

Have you ever been alone in a room yet had the distinct feeling that you were being watched? That’s exactly what I experienced. Upon looking around my bedroom I realized I was no longer alone and I was being watched. My room was now inhabited with myself and two black moth’s. One was considerably larger than the other. The smaller of the two had an approximately 2 inch wingspan while the other reached an impressive 5 inch span. I was bewildered as to how they got in my room yet completely mesmerized at the same time. They were so hauntingly beautiful!

Intrigued by their presence, I decided to see how long my new visitors would stay instead of escorting them out of my room. I also had to find out what these creatures were. I recognized them as a moth but they were unlike any I had seen before. Since moving to Hawaii I have encountered many new and wondrous things and my new roommates were no exception.  Doing a little research I discovered that these creatures are called Ascalapha Odorata or Black Witch Moth.  In Hawaiian mythology it is said that when a black witch moth visits you it is the embodiment of a loved ones soul returning to say goodbye. México calls it Mariposa de la muerte (butterfly of death).  In the Bahamas and Carribbean it is referred to as a money moth or money bat and is supposed to bring you prosperity.

Even though the Black Witch Moth is associated with death, I chose to embrace this amazing creature. Having been to the other side of when I had my NDE (near death experience) I knew that this visit was an awesome reminder of the love and prosperity that is always available here and now. That we are fully supported. To be open to receive the signs and blessings we are given everyday. 


The experience with the moth happened a few months ago. I wrote the blog entry above early this morning. Afterwards I was talking with my daughter about it. I told her how I was admiring the pictures I had taken of the moth, how beautiful I thought it was, and that I wished I could see it again. I hadn’t seen one before or since that one experience. 

While watching tv tonight look who flew into the house. Talk about instant manifestation! Always perfect, divine right timing. I definitely appreciate the reminder that I am loved and fully supported. Life is so magical!

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Have you ever seen a Black Witch Moth?  Have you experienced any signs from loved ones who have passed?  Be sure to comment below.If you are desiring to experience magic and miracles schedule a free clarity call and lets chat about consciously creating your reality in your 1StellarLife!

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