Being Free With a Shedding Tree, Rainbow Eucalyptus and Me

Dec 03, 2019
rainbow tree

It was the second day after moving to Hawaii that I decided to play tourist and see what the island that I would now call home was like. I booked a turtle bus tour of the island. It seemed promising because the route it took would cover nearly half of the island and, like the name suggests, I would be able to see turtles. 

One of the stops along the way was at the Dole Plantation. Since pineapple is one of my favorite fruits, I was excited to visit there. Little did I know I would encounter something equally as enjoyable. 

Upon exiting the bus once arriving at the plantation, I began admiring the grounds. They are very well manicured and have various pineapple plants and other foliage planted out front. The most breathtaking being the many Rainbow Eucalyptus trees that surround the front of the plantation. I had never seen such a tree before. I wasn’t sure if they were real. The trees looked as if they were painted. Standing amongst those trees was awe inspiring. Completely magical to experience such beauty in nature.

At the end of the day, after seeing some of what this glorious island contains, what stood out were the Rainbow Eucalyptus trees. They reminded me of the journey that we are all on in this life. Because as these beautiful trees shed their bark it reveals bright vibrant colors inside. When they are scarred, bark is peeled, or pieces are torn from it, that they still stand strong and reveal magnificent colors.

These trees visibly share a wonderful story and show what beauty lies within. Isn’t this like all of us on the planet? We each have a story, trauma, scars, layers of life that once pulled back reveal the brilliance inside. Wouldn’t it be great to see everyone like this? To feel strong and beautiful while transitioning through something difficult. Imagine what you can discover within!

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Have you ever seen a Rainbow Eucalyptus tree? What are you willing to shed to discover more? Leave a comment below. Or if you need help figuring out what that would look or feel like for you, book a free clarity call and let’s chat about peeling back the layers to reveal the radiant colors of your 1StellarLife!


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