Are You Consciously Creating Your Life?

Dec 07, 2019
lora farrell

For years I would allow life and the needs of others dictate what I would experience in my own existence. At one point I remember feeling as if life was just pushing me along, no clear plan or direction. 

Sure, I would experience the occasional moment of synchronicity, but I always seemed to shrug it off. I was stuck in this place of boredom, complacency, and complaining. Looking back I see where I would complain a lot about my life, the people in it and various situations.  Literally felt as if the saying, “Same sh*t, different day” was written to describe my life. 

One day, feeling hopeless and out of control, I knew something had to change. I decided that regardless of what others were doing, saying, or expecting me to do, I was going to be happy. No more victim. I’d endured the pain of existence long enough. Even considered suicide at one point. This all had to stop. 

I began contemplating life. Realized the only thing I could control was how I thought about things. I remembered when I was a child. How fun life could be at times. I began to remember dreaming and playing. How I would think about things and they would magically happen. The longing for that feeling grew inside of me. 

Sitting quietly with eyes closed, I imagined myself as a child. It was wonderful. I was able to communicate with her and let her know that we would be ok. It was extremely healing. That moment ignited within me a new zest for life.  I allowed myself to dream again. I began studying consciousness as well as quantum physics. Starting to look at life with childlike wonder and awe, my thoughts began to change as well. I made a conscious effort to incorporate the new knowledge I was obtaining into my life.  To literally play this game of life.

When I decided to alter my inner world results started appearing in the outer world. The intangible had manifest as tangible. I had been honing my skills working on being a conscious creator of my life when I had a near death experience (NDE).

After coming back from beyond the veil, life is even more glorious. Magic and miracles are daily occurrences now.  My reality has been completely reframed. The best part is I get to share these abilities with the world. To assist others in consciously creating magic and miracles in their lives brings me such joy!

A big dream that I’ve manifested into my reality is living in Hawaii. This is the view at sunset from my lanai.

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 What would you like to create in your life? Would love to hear about it. Leave a comment below.

Also, if you’re ready to rapidly reframe reality and effortlessly shift from your current state to manifest greatness, reserve a free clarity call and let’s talk about how I can support you on the ascension of your 1StellarLife!

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