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Consciously Create Your 1StellarLife

My intention is to create a space for everyone to experience their greatest existence and live their 1StellarLife. To inhabit the space of infinite possibilities.  Each of us are here on this journey of life where the experiences we have can be challenging. Sometimes we need help with transitions we face along the way. From work, family, relationships, abundance, goals, desires – as your Energy Practitioner, I am a catalyst and creator of change. On a cellular level I help you reframe reality, recognize your truth, and rapidly manifest your 1StellarLife.

What you currently see is only a fragment of your enormous essence.

Wherever you are on your life’s journey, there are numerous ways I can support you. From quantum to cosmic, I surround you with a transcendent whirlwind beyond time and space where all fear is transmuted to love. Having been beyond the veil of this existence and back, I elicit evolution, accelerating you to the next level of consciousness. Together we can rapidly transmute all aspects of life, love, career, family, health, and more.

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After working with Lora, I am finally able to let  go of old patterns and old habits and getting in touch with my deeper self, my gut, my intuition, my worth and my place on this earth.

~ Jodi S. Studio City, CA

your future isn't a place or destination to be reach, it's a state of being

Are you ready to experience:

  • Freedom from old patterns which have kept you stagnant.
  • A release of trauma to shift into a space of confidence and power.
  • Healing pain/stress in your body.
  • Strategies to trust/connect with your higher self.
  • Rapid personal growth and transformation on a cellular level with an easy shift in frequency.
  • A refuge of co-creation where you are able to release fear, worry, and doubt to recharge your DNA and energize your body.
  • Life, love, and abundance from the space of infinite possibilities.

Wouldn’t now be a fantastic time to start living life beyond your wildest dreams?

Invest in yourself, reserve a clarity call today! Let’s chat about how I can support you to experience your reality filled with sublime perfection. Your 1StellarLife!


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